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Reliable mobile protection

Our towers are a reliable, mobile surveillance of hard-to-reach places without infrastructure. They are perfect for providing protection at mass events, construction sites, highways, parking lots, fairs, and other open air activities.

By configuring and choosing the right CCTV equipment from the available BCS offer, you create a safe zone right where you need it. Mobile, maintenance-free and the cheapest form of protection against theft!

You can equip BCS MOBILCAM with a complete solution from the BCS offer of your choice.

Mast can extend up to 6 meters

Easy transport to the site

Use hoists, a forklift or a specially designed trailer for quick and easy transport and installation BCS MOBILCAM

Easy transport to the site

Along with our towers, we offer high-quality hot-dip galvanized chassis equipped with shock absorbers, heavy support wheel, wheel chocks and all the necessary hooks and mounting rails. They come available in two variants:

• Universal trailer with a lifting capacity of 1200 kg for the transport of any free-standing Mobilcam towers, equipped with a hydraulic lift and forks with adjustable width, brake and a spare wheel.

• A light trailer with a lifting capacity of 750 kg combined with a surveillance tower, creating an integrated structure.


• Low voltage-temperature ratio ensuring high performance even at high temperatures.

• The entire surface of the solar panel is extremely sensitive to light, allowing you to work at low light levels.

• Advanced EVA (Ethylene / Vinyl Acetate) enclosure system with triple-layer back surface to meet the most strict safety requirements for high-voltage devices.

• Durable anodized aluminum frame

• Top-quality tempered glass with high light transmittance, ensuring panel rigidity and resistance to breakage.

An excellent performance


Four retractable supports and steel cables will ensure the stability of the mast even during strong winds up to 85 km/h, as well as reduce camera vibrations, therefore eliminating false alarms.

Vandal resistant. 100% galvanized construction with top layers to protect the electronic equipment inside

Built-in, six-meter-long, retractable mast, upper part equipped with double camera mount.

Strong forklift sockets and mounting points for easy transport and on-site placement.

Quick installation can be accomplished by just one engineer, reducing installation costs.

Many years of experience supported by knowledge and commitment

Help and technical support

Efficient service of devices